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February 25, 2020

Glute bridges can be more than just lifting your hips off the ground…  

The gluteals, Gluteus Maximus in particular, play a huge role in lumbar spine and pelvic control. Unfortunately, if your not putting in the time to actively/consciously communicate with your gluteal...

February 4, 2020

Guest blog from Coach Sara!

Hey Vic City Crew! 

Moving forward, I am going to be contributing to the CFVC blog with prehab, rehab and mobility blogs and videos! My hope is to educate and empower each and every one of you on different hot topics in Strength + Conditioning...

March 4, 2019

Congrats to those of you who have done 19.2, another tough WOD done and in the books. If you feel you want to redo 19.2 you can come in and use Open Gym time during any normal Crossfit class Monday but must have your own judge with you and need to have those scores sub...

December 20, 2018

Hey Vic City,

Think back to a time there was a class that was really confusing. Maybe it was one of your first classes after OnRamp, and you couldn’t remember the difference between an EMOM or AMRAP that had hang power cleans, and STOs all in one WOD. As you start getti...

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August 10, 2020

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