Looking to improve performance with a targeted nutrition plan?  Want to lose weight but make sure that you are losing fat and not muscle?  The only way to make sure that what the scale says is "good" news is have an accurate assessment of your body composition.  

Body composition testing establishes an objective picture of how much body fat and fat free mass you have.  You can track your body fat accurately over time instead of relying on the mirror or how your clothing fits.

Our exercise physiologist Cam Birtwell has over 15 years experience with performing skinfold caliper body composition assessments.  He will use a 7 site method to track both overall sum of skinfolds as well as estimated percent body fat.  These numbers will give you the information you need to keep you on track towards your goals!

We recommend having an initial assessment ($40 +gst) and then follow up assessments ($35 +gst) every 6-8 weeks.

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