With multiple local events as well as the CrossFit Games structure, many people are making CrossFit their sport.  The switch to this mindset requires more training time, higher levels of skill and fitness, and a proven program that covers all the bases.

At CrossFit Vic City, we run programs through head coach Cam Birtwell (Podium SC) and have three levels available:

Comp 1 - for athletes just beginning to look at expanding their fitness to compete.  works as an add-on to our regular programming (2-3 additional sessions per week)

Comp 2 - for athletes who want to compete at a very high level while training 1x per day.  this is a standalone program and replaces our regular programming.  You must qualify via our standards to pursue this level.


Elite - for athletes pursuing the highest level of CrossFit competition, complete with double days and extremely tough challenges. You must qualify via our standards to pursue this level.

501, 771 Vernon Ave, Victoria, BC V8X 5A7, Canada

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