As our provincial governments response to the pandemic evolves, so will our protocols.  Below are the most recent adaptations to our guidelines.  Please review carefully.

If you have ANY symptoms of cold or flu, do not attend the gym.  If you have traveled off the island, you must isolate for 10 days (or receive a negative Covid test) prior to returning to the gym.  If you have come into contact with anyone who may have the COVID 19 virus, you must also isolate and follow the directions of your local health authority.

1. Class Capacity & Layout:   Our current class capacity is reduced to 7 people.  The blue grids that are available to use are outfitted with bars and plates.  Four grids outside the gym are available to use for any type of training that would significantly elevate breathing.

2. Class format:  Due to new guidelines (April 2021) we are operating as a "drop in/Open Gym" format only.  This means that each person will decide on their training for the day and the classes will not be coached in the typical fashion.  Coaches will be circulating and will give advice for workout structure, technique, progressions etc!

3. Mask Policy:  Masks must be worn at all times inside the facility.  Masks may be removed if exercising outside in the designated grids

4.  Indoor training:  Must be strength - skill - mobility only.  No conditioning work or work that significantly increases breathing.

5.  Pre-Class:  Line up outside on markers spaced 6' apart by the main entrance.  You must confirm with the staff member on duty that you have no symptoms of Covid19, and have not traveled off the island within the last 14 days.  You must also confirm that you have not come into contact with anyone who may be infected with Covid 19.

6.  Post - Class:  Clean all equipment that you used with the provided bleach solution and clean rag.  Gather all your belongings and leave through the main entrance.

7.  Maintain a distance of at least 2.5m from any other member or staff at all times.