Weightlifting is an Olympic sport that expresses strength, power, coordination, and flexibility through lifting a barbell from the floor to overhead.  An excellent pursuit in its own right, weightlifting is also a great addition to any athlete's training program.  Coaches Rachel and Josh have worked with lifters of all levels and has the ability to teach these complex movements in a safe and effective way.  Classes are structured but fun!​


  • Classes will incorporate a progressive structure starting with a foundation of general movement.

  • Initial and final assessment to establish a baseline, progress, and outcome

  • Emphasis on motor patterns in the squat, jump, and throw

  • Emphasis on motor skills including agility, balance, coordination, and active mobility

  • Foundational weightlifting skills - technique in the snatch, clean, jerk, press, pull, and squat

  • Education  -  anatomy, biomechanics, mindset, and healthy lifestyles


Why Youth Weightlifting?

  • Athletes learn to to define quality movement

  • Earn a sense of accomplishment as they demonstrate their own quality of movement and power/strength through that movement

  • Athletes learn technique that they can apply to other sports, cross training, and training camps

  • Athletes develop basic mental skills for life and sport:  focus, discipline, goal setting, receiving constructive criticism, stress management, and having fun with exercise

  • Athletes learn about sport and health:  anatomy, biomechanics, sport history, lifestyle skills, stress management, social & team skills

  • Full class schedule, both Tuesday & Thursday $190.00

  • Half class schedule, Tuesday OR Thursday $120.00

  • Drop in remains at $20.00 (cash only), however this option is not recommended due to the nature of the class.




501, 771 Vernon Ave, Victoria, BC V8X 5A7, Canada

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