Meet Coach Meg!

Lover of sushi, tacos, and homemade pizza

My happy place is a coffee shop with a good book 

Has a crazy lab/husky named Shadow who loves to eats carrots and applesauce & is getting married next year! 

Current goals: to get more creative with vegetables and increase my strength in the clean and jerk and snatch

I started at CrossFit Vic City as a member in 2016 and quickly fell in love with the sport of CrossFit. I loved anything with a barbell, the community, and the variety that CrossFit brought to training. I was definitely hooked after my first class! While going to school for my degree in Exercise and Wellness, I also completed an apprenticeship to become a part of the CFVC team as a Coach! In 2018, I started to compete in local competitions such as CanWest Games and Fraser Vally Throwdown. Nutrition was a huge part of taking my performance to the next stage in terms of fueling my body for workouts and optimizing recovery.

I distinctly remember the time where I had hit a ceiling in my progress with training, and I wasn't seeing the changes I wanted in my body composition. I was eating what I thought was healthy, not realising how stress was affecting me, and had zero balance in my life. I was also working multiple jobs, in school full-time, and training 6 days a week to prepare for competitions. It wasn't until I started working with a nutrition coach that I realized I needed to priortize what I ate to stay healthy and have enough energy to do be productive. I started to look at how I started my morning, ways to lower my stress, and prioritize eating well. I could do it on my own, but I required some direction on what and how much to eat, and improve my mindset around food. Once I started to implement a healthy routine and prioritize what was going into my body, I started to see the positive changes in my training and health that I was working towards!

My own experience with having a nutrition coach led me to want to be one for others. I completed the Working Against Gravity Nutrition Coach Certification as soon as I completed my degree, started working with athletes wanting to optimize their training and individuals wanting to become empowered with knowledge on developing a wholesome diet; and I haven't looked back! As much as I enjoy coaching people on their movement patterns and exercise, I am also deeply fulfilled by helping improve clients relationship with nutrition, educate them on how they can eat to improve performance, and ultimately help reach the goals they want through long-term habits that will allow them to have the tools to live a balanced life! 

My coaching approach is personal and depends on the clients goals. If I work with an athlete with specific performance goals, or someone with a body composition goal, I will likely recommend a macro-based approach. I like using macros as a tool because it teaches portion awareness, doesn't restrict us from foods we like, and it is relatively accurate to help us streamline our progress! If I am working with someone who is wanting to improve their relationship with food and isn't interested in tracking, we can work on finding personal goals around their eating habits, lowering stress, improving their sleep, and finding ways to keep them accountable through our check ins. It starts with a conversation!

Whatever your goal is, I would love to work WITH you to help you reach it. If you have any questions for me, let's connect! 

501, 771 Vernon Ave, Victoria, BC V8X 5A7, Canada

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