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12 Days of CrossFit and Holiday Hopper


Let's delay the bad news for another day and celebrate the Holiday Hopper competition AND the infamous workout you'll take on Wednesday in class.

The 12 Days of CrossFit has many variations, and none are easy! The reps are done like the song - 1 rep of the first movement, then 2 reps of the second movement + 1 rep of the first, then 3 of the 3rd move and so on. It adds up quickly and the particular one we're taking on tomorrow is capped off in the last round by a 1200m row! This was Coach Tia's recommended version of the workout, so you can "thank" her when you see her next :) Have fun and work hard!

On the Holiday Hopper front, we had a few teams get organized in spite of the short notice and they threw down some great scores. It was a pretty solid set of 4 events and I think many members (competing or not) surprised themselves with how strong they were on the thrusters and squats, so well done there! When the dust settled in the actual competition, we had the following finishes, with some very tight scorelines :)

In the place of tied total points, we first have to look at which teams got the most first place finishes. If that was tied, then we went to second place finishes and third place finishes. If those were tied, we went to largest margin of victory in any one workout.... so that's why you see some tied points but still finishes broken down like they are!

Well done all, and as far as the best team name, this is a toughie, so I'll let you all vote on which one is the best! Click HERE to cast your votes!

Stay safe out there and have fun tomorrow, it will be a great chance to store up some fitness for the holidays!




WARM UP: 5 min flow

4 cossack squats per side

4 T rotation planks per side

4 pushup to down dog - slow (bend your knees if you are not that flexible)

24 jumping jacks or 48 single skips


Classicly tough, this one was Coach Tia's choice so thank her for it!

For time:

1 Snatch, 115/80 lbs

2 Lateral Burpee Over Bars

3 Shoulder-to-Overheads, 115/80 lbs

4 Hang Power Cleans, 115/80 lbs

5 Toes-to-bars

6 Thrusters, 115/80 lbs

7 Deadlifts

8 Box Jumps

9 American Kettlebell Swings

10 Goblet Alternating Reverse Lunges, 53/35 lbs

11 Wall Balls

Row, 1200 m

Perform just as the "12 Days of Christmas" song is sung. Complete the 1st exercise, then the 2nd and 1st, then 3rd, 2nd and 1st, etc...until all the movements have been completed. Expect a long workout!

FG3: 65/95

FG2; 45-55/65-75, hanging knee raise

FG1: scale bar weight and movements as needed

CP1: 135/95


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