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Competitor Seminar Update

Photo: David M by Oscar Bravo

Hey all, with the changeover to the new website, a few things got a bit delayed. Don't worry though, the seminar is still a "GO", same day, same time.

Sunday October 16, from 10am to 2pm we'll discuss various techniques and tips to help focus your training. This will benefit you if your goal is to compete as well as possible this coming year or if you simply want more direction in your training efforts.

I've extended the seminar duration to 4 hours and there will be a couple of practical components. You should bring in your training logbook (if you have one), snacks and water as needed.

To sign up, head over to our Shop. You'll see a link to pay under "Seminars and Competitions".

Any questions just post to the comments!


Training Wednesday - Thursday

Warm-up: 3 x 10 light kettlebell swings, 5 inchworms, 10 double crunch

WOD: Team 36

Classic aerobic team workout! Max calories for your team is your score. Teams may start on different stations.

Rx: Three people per team, 1 min work each person in relay fashion. Three minutes on Assault bike, 3 min rowing x 6 rounds!

TG: 4 rounds

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