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Team Time

Hey Vic City,

We are now coming to the conclusion of another great batch of Team Series’ workouts. Being a member on one of the teams, I know first hand how tough these workouts can be. Sometimes the only thing tougher than the workouts, are the Vic City athletes that take them on. I was fortunate enough to coach the majority of the classes from Thursday onwards, and be at the gym to watch so many give these workouts their best effort.

I wrote a blog post before the Team Series began about how often times being a member on a team in a competition helps you rise to a level that you are not aware that you are capable. I witness many people achieve their first ring muscle-up, PRing their max set of handstand push-ups, along with many other firsts or bests.

Even if you are not a competitive person or are worried that your abilities aren’t currently sufficient, you may surprise yourself, as many people did the past half week. Think about joining the Team Series in 2017 or another team style CrossFit event. Win or lose, they are always a fun time!

Already excited to be on a team, but don’t want to wait very long, we got you covered! The class workout for Monday/Tuesday is a team style format consisting of two parts; a heavy lift, and a twist on a classic benchmark.

Monday class options – 9:30am coach Phil & 4:00pm coach France

Tuesday class options – regular Tuesday classes (website for times and coaches)

Happy Thanksgiving, and if you did complete the Team Series – submit your scores before Monday at 5 PM.

Here is a throwback video to the 2015 Team Series where Rogue Team Black completed a 7 rep max front. This event will be similar to the skill in our class WOD.

Training Monday – Tuesday

In teams of 3 (can be mixed scaling) for all of the workout

Warm up: 10-8-6-4-2 of reverse lunge and double crunch/hkr/ttb

person 1 does 10 reps then person 2 does 10 reps then person 3 does 10 reps, then they each do 8 and so on.

Skill: Front Squat Heavy 6 in 15 min

Your team of 3 has 15 min to each get a heavy set of 6 on the front squat. Max warm up is 95/135.

WOD: Jackita 2.0

Each person will be working at the same time with one person at each station. When all three people are done their stations, you will rotate. This workout is for time.

Rx: Four rounds through: 300m row, 20 thrusters (bar only), 10/15 pullups.

TG: training bar, ring rows

FG: 15 thrusters scaled as needed, 10-15 assisted or jumping pullups

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