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Rest, less

Hey guys,

I have a challenge for you to try out. Some of you have probably had me challenge you with this before, but if I haven't yet, give it a shot. We often find ourselves in workouts that are brutally difficult and we need to catch our breath and shake our legs out before continuing on. As we are usually concerned with our time as the general outcome of our WOD, resting is necessary yet can be our demise at the same time. Calculated rest is powerful, whereas undefined rest can hurt our overall time.

My challenge is this. Make a contract with yourself before you start your next WOD to limit your rest so it isn't an open-ended period of time. Here's what I try to do; give myself either 5 seconds or 3 deep breaths before doing more work. This can be different for every person, that's just what I try to limit myself to depending on the workout for the given day. I immediately notice how much longer my rest ends up being if I don't make that contract with myself prior to starting my workout. It might feel like you need 30 seconds of rest, but really 10 seconds would probably suffice and will end the suffering that much sooner!

If you try it and it works for you, please let me know! I'd love to hear if you get good results from this method. As always, keep training your asses off like usual! See you in the gym.

Coach Caleb

Training Friday - Saturday

Warm-up: Coaches' choice

Skill: Deadlift practice - 5 x 5 LIGHT (50-60% 1RM) E90s

Work technique and timing

WOD: Rotato 4.0

This is a rotating EMOM. Perform the work at one station, rest the remainder of the minute, and then rotate to the next one. Try to go a bit heavier on the clean and jerk, then work consistency and accuracy on the wallballs and skipping. This wod is not scored.

RX: 5 rotations of:

- 3 reps of (1 hang power clean + shoulder to overhead)

- 12 wallballs

- 30 double unders

TG: scale wallballs as needed, 30-60 singles

FG: scale wallballs, 30 sec of du practice

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