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Affiliate Team Update

Coach Dub power clean in a crossfit competition

Hey Vic City!

Last year's CrossFit Open was a revelation for our gym. We performed extremely well as a community, qualified four individual athletes for the Regionals, and our team was solidly in the top 5 through the whole Open.

This coming year, we are going to attempt something quite ambitious. Our goal is to qualify not one but TWO affiliate teams for the Regionals. This will be no easy feat and will take incredible effort from both teams to make it happen.

We will form one team out of our top 4 women and top 4 men in the gym via a selection process to take place in January 2017. The remaining athletes in our gym will compete on a second team.

What this means is that there is a great opportunity for those of you who are aspiring to compete at the Regionals. If we play our cards right and do what needs to be done, we can place a second team at the Regionals with an incredibly strong group of athletes.

If you want to attain that level, NOW is the time to start lighting that fire. No spots are secured right now and I know there are many of you out there who are climbing the skill and fitness ladder quickly.

I'm super excited about this opportunity and hope you are too. If you have any questions about this process and what it means, speak with one of the coaches or come and see me!

Let's do what no other gym will likely accomplish this year!



Training Wednesday - Thursday

Warm-up: 3 rounds - 10 double crunch, 10 lunges, 10 light KBS

Skill: Bench Press 3, 3, 1, 1, 1 E2M

Work up to a heavy single, have a spotter for all lifts!!

WOD: The Rebound

Brand new wod! Score is total time INCLUDING rest time!

Rx: 30 squat cleans (95/135), Rest 3 min, 30 barhop burpees

TG: scale bar as needed, 20 reps each

FG: 55/75, step over burpees

FG2: 65-75/95-115

Comp: 115/155

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