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Fraser Valley Throwdown

An exciting weekend is approaching for quite a few competitive Vic City members! The Fraser Valley Throwdown is taking place in Abbotsford this Saturday and Sunday and we have a large contingency of athletes primed and ready to compete with the Vic City green on their backs. Over two days, the athletes will be tested mentally and physically by the WODs that have been released HERE. Competitions such as this one are a fantastic way to not only apply the fitness gained from training, but also to test your abilities and see what needs work in the future.

Here is the list of athletes competing: Teams:

  • Jaclyn, Meghan, Dub, Phil

  • Katie, Val, Kristjan, Alex D.

  • Alex M., Emily R., Adam, Hot Dan

  • France, Caileigh, Zeke, Caleb

  • Lindsay, Tara, Kiwi Dave, Tanner


  • Audrey

  • Eryn


  • Karen

  • Kevin

  • Mark W.

If you see these members kicking around the gym before they leave on Friday, send some good luck their way. If there is an online leaderboard for the competition, I'll make sure to post the link to our Facebook page.


Coach Caleb


12 light wallballs

10 hollow rocks

8 push ups

SKILL: Warm up well for the workout! WOD:

This is a 3 person team AMRAP workout in which one person will complete one round and then rest when their two other partners go. Cycle through the rounds as many times as possible in the time limit!

Rx: 30 min amrap of:

- 15 Box Jumps (20/24)

- 15 pushups

- Row 15 calories

TG: Scale movements as needed, 10 reps of each

FG: scale box height, modified pushups

Comp: 20 reps + 20 calories, option of hspu or ring dips

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