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Vic City Games - Mixed Pairs!

Hey all, it's about time for the next installment of our popular Vic City Games!

We've run competitions with individuals and mixed teams, so to keep things rotating through, we're going to run Vic City Games 8 with mixed pairs!

One man and one woman will pair up for each team. You'll need to be operating at the same level of scaling but you will be able to portion work in some cases.

We will have 3 divisions:

1. Novice - typically doing FG versions of our wods

2. Intermediate - Solid Rx but may not have super high level strength or skills like muscle ups and handstand pushups

3. Advanced - Regularly pursuing Comp Prep in our wods or are part of the competition team group

The competition will run approximately from 9am to 4pm on Sunday November 27.

The cost is $40 per pair, and only ONE of you needs to sign up! You can register through our SHOP.

This is a great opportunity to have some fun competing and to get yourself tuned up for the 2017 Open! Get registered today and see you out there on the floor :)



Training Wednesday - Thursday

Warm - up: 3 rounds - 8 ring rows, 8 double crunch, 8 air squats

Skill: Skill and pacing review for the workout

WOD: "Jackie"

Well, we've prepped your rowing, and put some decent work in on pullups over the past few weeks. It's time to take on this OG beast of a CrossFit workout. One of the original named WODs, Jackie is simple and elegantly tough! Pacing right will get you a great score, going out too hot or not breaking up your reps will cost you!

Rx: 1000m row, 50 thrusters (45lb for women and men), 30 pullups

Tg: 500, 25, 15 (ring rows)

FG: 35/45lb bars, assisted pullups

Comp: 1500m row, 20 squat clean thrusters 105/155, 15 ring MU or 30 ctb

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