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USA... Not today

Hey Vic City,

The CrossFit Invitational has seen four teams compete for National pride this past Sunday. The host team Canada had many new faces, but the men's recent CrossFit Games success didn't translate into an overly competitive performance from the red and white. However, the competition was one for the ages and arguable the most exciting in the few short years that this All-Star Game has been added in the CrossFit season.

With the current format, Pacific, Europe, USA, and Canada all had their eyes on bragging rights, but only one team could be crowned champ. The past 2 years, USA was able to emerge victorious, but 2016 was a different test. Despite being led by the "Fittest Man in History", Rich Froning, who both coached and competed for USA, our neighbours from the south had to settle for the silver. Some would point to the struggles of Ben Smith in the first workout, others might point the finger at Brooke Wells during the gymnastics, but at the end of two hour, 7 event competition, it was Team Europe who held the trophies.

It all came down to the last event, where teamwork and strict handstand push-up abilities seemed to be the greatest challenge in the win-take-all battle between the top 3 nations.

If you missed it on Sunday, you can catch it on YouTube. The total competition was 2 hours in length, but you can cut through some of the "off-air" footage and watch all the events in quick succession.

After the final event, stay tuned for a couple of pretty big announcements from Dave Castro. I won't spoil them on here, but if you don't wish to watch the cool-down show, check out the recent posts on

Below is the whole live stream of the Invitational.

Until next time have fun and stay fit,



Training Monday - Tuesday

Warm-up: Rowling 250m x 2, reward is coaches' choice

Skill: Front Squat 5 x 5 @ 70% E90s

Moderate loading, same weight across

WOD: Rotato 7.0

Rotate emom for 5 rounds between the following stations on a 20s work, 40s rest interval. No score today!

Calorie row

Strict HSPU

Over Box Jump (20/24)


TG: Scale movements as needed

FG: hspu progression, lower box, HKRaise

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