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Stick to your Routine when Competing

Hey guys,

There has been a lot of nervous chatter in the classes lately revolving around the upcoming Vic City Games! Having a bit of nerves can actually be a good thing leading up to a competition as long as it doesn't become overly stimulating. Don't overthink the workouts to the point of losing sleep over them.

With the air of excitement in the gym there have been a few recurring questions that have been posed. The two I have received the most have pretty simple answers.

"What should I eat before I compete?" "What supplements should I take on game day?"

The answer is essentially the same for both questions: ingest whatever it is you normally ingest (within reason of course. If you regularly eat a Happy Meal for breakfast every day you may want to settle for something that's a little easier on your system). Don't change up your diet or supplementation the day before or the day of the competition. Your body needs time to adapt to any changes you make to what you fuel with.

There are only really 3 outcomes to a change in diet: positive, negative or no change. It isn't worth the risk to have a negative affect emerge on the day of your first comp. If you want to try retooling your diet or supplementation, do it a few months before a competition so you have time to see the results and adjust accordingly.

So, stick to your routine! On Saturday night and Sunday morning, eat healthy portions of what you regularly eat and avoid introducing new supplements. I'm excited to see so many of you take on your first CrossFit competition! They are always a blast and very rewarding at the end of the day.

Work hard, stay focused and enjoy the process! Caleb


Training Friday - Saturday

Warm-up: Dowel Game 7 min!

WOD: Wallup

I don't think we've done this one since 2013 but it's a cracker! After all those wallballs last week you should be firing on all cylinders :)

Rx: 5 rounds for time of: 15 wallballs, 10 pullups

TG: 3 rounds, scale wallball, ring rows

FG: Scale wallball, assisted pullups

Comp: Heavy or high wallballs, ctb or 2/4 ring mu

Cash - out: In groups of 2, 6 rounds of 60 sec work, 60 sec rest on the rowing erg @ 85% effort (sustainable pace). Set machines for intervals:time with a 5 or 10 sec changeover between intervals. Work on technique rather than max effort.

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