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2 is better than 1

Hey Vic City,

I want to start off with a big THANK YOU to Cam for hosting such a great pairs competition this past Sunday. It takes a lot of work to organize and plan appropriate workouts for a variety of scaling options. In the end, all 21 teams competed for the top prize. After four challenging scored events Caileigh and Tanner were the overall winners. The top three was rounded out with France and Hot Dan taking the silver, and one of our visiting mainland teams, Michael and Lillian, finishing in third. The full results will be posted in the near future along with some action packed photos.

If you missed the competition this time, make sure you sign up for the next one. It was a great community atmosphere, as well as a good chance to catch up with fellow Vic City members that you might not meet on a daily basis. On top of all of that, a great environment to hit a PR or 2.

Until next time, rest up and display that fitness!



Training Monday - Tuesday

Warm up: 3 rounds with an empty bar - 10 deadlifts, 10 hang power cleans, 10 push press, 2 pause samson lunges (1/leg - hold 5 sec)

Skill: Front Squat 10 x 2 @ 80% E90s

WOD: Nine One One

We've done this one once before. Good combo of movements, scale to make the power snatches quick and smooth. If you did the Vic City Games, take a rest day or sub in HR pushups for the pullups.

Rx: 10-9-8-7-6....1 Reps of power snatch (75/115) and ctb pullups

TG: Hang power snatch, scale as needed, ring rows

FG: bar weight 55-65/75-95, assisted pullups

FG2: regular pullups

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