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You've Competed...So Now What?

Hey guys! It was so awesome to see so many first-timers taking part in their inaugural CrossFit competition last weekend. Just being in that atmosphere and feeling the some of the excitement and nervous energy was infectious. There were many PRs in the first event which were evident by the ear to ear grins many of you displayed once finished. Or perhaps those smiles were expressions of relief of completing the first event...who knows!

The elation of finishing a CrossFit competition is unique. There is a great sense of accomplishment even if there was no podium appearance. Sometimes just surviving the gruelling tasks is a challenge and deserves to be treated as a victory in itself.

But eventually the post-competition honeymoon period comes to a close and you become hungry for that feeling again; that burst of energy and adrenaline you were able to tap into that class WODs just don't quite give you. So you start looking to the future and the next CrossFit throwdown that you can sink your teeth into. In the time between now and then, you can use the data you have gleaned from your first time competing to improve your abilities for the next test. What were your weakest moments? Was it a mental lapse, a physical weakness or a breakdown in a certain skill? Those points can be weaknesses again if we do not take the necessary measures to address why they happened.

Start working on extra accessory work (or as I like to call it, SUCCESSory work). It isn't that difficult to add in and it is imperative to becoming a successful competitor! If your gymnastics, strength or Olympic lifting skills are needing some work, ask your coach for a few simple drills you can do on the side before or after your class. This isn't to say you need to be adding in an excessive amount of extra work, but rather some supplementary movements (think hollow rocks, upside-down kettlebell presses, banded shoulder work etc.) Start preparing now and you will reap the rewards!

I'm really excited to see how amped many of you are to continue testing the waters of competitive CrossFit. It truly is a rewarding sport and provides you with an avenue to see what you are capable of doing.

Coach Caleb


Training Friday - Saturday

Warm-up: Mixed shuttle runs, 5-7 min

Skill: Refinement of squat clean

WOD: Rotato 30S

A little twist on the recent "rotato" series - this time we will be going every 30 seconds, so make sure to dial in appropriate scaling! No score for today, just quality movement!

Rx: Every 30 seconds, rotate through the following stations:

- 1 squat clean (heavy)

- 6-10 strict hspu

- 6-10 ctb pullups

- 6-10 deadlifts (with same barbell as for cleans)

- Rest 2 min, 5 rounds

TG: pushups, ring rows

Fg1: 1 wall walk, assisted pullups

Fg2: Scale hspu, regular pullups

Comp: 6 rounds

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