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CrossFit Vic City - A Lifeboat

Hey Vic City,

We are now a week removed from the latest Vic City competition and still over 2 months out from the Open, yet many of us are still at the gym three or more times per week. Do we do CrossFit to be the best at CrossFit? For many of us, no, competing is just a added bonus to the many other reasons we are a part our the CrossFit Vic City community.

In a YouTube video just released by CrossFit, Greg Glassman describes each CrossFit box as a lifeboat. In a world filled with chronic disease, CrossFit is a healthy alternative to the high sugar, often otherwise sedentary lifestyle which is becoming the norm today.

Even if being competitive isn't your thing, the health benefits of CrossFit is more than worth your while. CrossFit can be that lifeboat that you can rely on to help save you from that sugar filled world we are continually drowning in.

See you on the lifeboat this week,



Training Monday - Tuesday

Warm-up: 3 rounds - 1 wall walk, 10 dowel ohs, 10 bent over double KB rows

Skill: Front Squat 5x5 @ 70% E90s

Same weight across all sets, moderate loading!

WOD: Open WOD 11.1

Classic, move fast, be accurate. Note that you can perform a fast power clean push jerk instead of power snatch in this wod.

Rx: 10 min amrap of: 30 double unders, 15 ground to overhead @ 55/75

TG: 60 single unders, scale bar as needed

FG: 10 du, 20 singles per round

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