December 14, 2016


Training Wednesday - Thursday


Warm-up:  4 rounds with an empty bar - 7 deadlift, 7 hang power clean, 7 shoulder to overhead.  1 samson stretch per leg after each round, holding for 10s.


WOD:  "Grace"


A classic workout, Grace is simple yet deadly.  30 reps seems short but gets very long about half way through.  Great times are sub 2:30, time cap 12 min.


Rx:  30 Clean and Jerks for time (95/135)


TG:  Scale to hang, bar weight scaled as needed


FG1:  55-65/75-95


FG2:  75/115



Cash Out:


Rotating E90s for 3-4 rounds of everything - unbroken sets of 6-12 pullups, 10-20 pushups, 10-20 ttb or double crunch, 10-20 lunges.  Add weight or difficulty as needed. 

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