Choose your own WOD-Venture!

December 23, 2016



WOD 1 or WOD 2? Which will you choose today? This may be the first time in Vic City history that we have given a choice between two separate workouts. We have had double WODs before, but not a choice between one or the other. 


We are revisiting CrossFit Open WOD 12.5 which is an escalating version of Fran, but with chest-to-bar pull-ups. If that doesn't sound like your cup of tea, then perhaps we can interest you in what is behind door number 2: a 2000m row for time!


Both workouts will be roughly the same duration, but will elicit significantly different sensations. If you are planning on doing the Open this year, I highly recommend doing as many of the upcoming revisited Open WODs that you can in order to prepare you for the challenges ahead. If you want to set an important benchmark row time, then the 2k row is an excellent metric to have in your back pocket. It will give you quite a bit of valuable data for future rowing workouts.


Whatever you choose, fitness will be done, sweat will be shed, and good times shall be had!



Coach Caleb





WARM-UP: x 3

6 dowel passthroughs

8 double KB rows

10 air squats



SKILL: Front Squat OTM's - quick warm up, then into these sets:


-1 Front Squat OTM x 4 rounds (moderate - 70%)

Rest an additional minute

-1 Front Squat OTM x 4 rounds (heavier - 80%)

Rest an additional minute

-1 Front Squat OTM x 4 rounds (heavier - 90%, NOT max)


WOD 1: Open WOD 12.5


7 minute AMRAP:


3 Thrusters (70/100)

3 CTB pull-ups

6 Thrusters


9 Thrusters


...and so on and so forth


TG - Scale bar as needed, ring rows

FG1 - Thrusters @ 55/75, assisted pull-ups

FG2 - Thrusters @ 60-65/85-95, regular pull-ups




WOD 2: 2k Row for time

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