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James "OPT" Fitzgerald, 2007 CrossFit Games winner

Hey all,

You may notice over the coming weeks that certain workouts are highlighted in bold RED. This isn't a posting error, but instead is an intentional indication of the importance of that workout.

Each and every one of you performs very well in every one of our workouts. Your intensity is high and your effort is full. However when certain workouts come up, that "regular" level of intensity gets raised a bit higher.

Think of the WOD "Fran". Just the mention of the name puts chills into the spine and butterflies in the stomach. Fran means more than many other workouts since it is such an iconic CrossFit workout.

CrossFit Open workouts tend to have that effect also - we are more nervous and excited prior to those wods because they mean a bit more than the day to day training.

The Open is coming up again in mid February. In order to get you all as prepared as possible, we are highlighting certain workouts as REDWODS. These wods are meant to be approached as though they are an Open workout or as important as Fran. You should think about them beforehand, plan strategies, and get yourself ready to give a completely all-out effort.

Such a workout is coming up this Friday and Saturday. It is a repeat of an Open WOD from a previous year. You can gather information on that workout (times etc) by looking up scores at

These REDWODS won't come up every week, but hit them hard when they do!

Good luck, train hard



Training Wednesday - Thursday

Warm-up: 3 rounds - 10 light kbs, 10 dowel dislocates, 10 walking lunges

Skill: Hang Power Snatch technique tips

WOD: Alt Int

In this workout, you will perform a series of intervals. Your goal is to be as smooth and accurate as possible, making sure each rep is very high quality. Note that you will alternate between two different interval sets, and you will go E2M for all intervals. There is no score for today's workout.

Rx: At 0, 4, 8, 12 minutes, perform the following:

10 hang power snatch (athlete's choice), 10 bar facing burpees

At 2, 6, 10, 14 minutes, perform the following:

15 box jumps, 15 kettlebell swings

Scaling - all groups scale as needed

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