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Every Rep Counts

Hey Vic City,

The training for Friday - Saturday is our second REDWOD! Cam wrote a blog on the importance about these specific workouts on Tuesday night. If you missed it, scroll down to his post and check it out.

If you plan on doing the Open, which I highly encourage everyone to do, bring your "A Game" for this WOD. In every workout each rep is crucial, but in Open WODs, that statement greatly magnified. If you compare yourself to the 100 or so other member at Vic City you will always see a range of scores. There will be the top few that are a number of reps ahead of everyone; there will be a medium sized group behind the elite; a very large group in the middle of the pack; a separate, medium sized group behind the middle; a final, small group near the bottom. These groups are normal and appear in any set of data, including the Open. Essentially the scores in any WOD would look like this:

Let's take the last REDWOD we did as an example, 11.6/12.5. In 2012, there were 668 men that complete the 7 min AMRAP of thrusters and chest to bars in the Canada West Region. The median men's score was 83 reps (the round of 15 thrusters and 8 chest to bars) which was good enough to tie for 330th. Each rep additional to 83, would have roughly placed this athlete 10-14 places higher. 2 more chest to bar pull-up would be good for 309th place, and a score of 90 was a tie for 240th --- 90 places, that's a huge difference for only 7 rep. These days more than 2000 men compete in the Canada West Region, so reps are almost 3 times as important as they were 4 years ago, and 1 rep could now be worth 40 or more places.

The moral of this story is even when you are dead tired near the end of an Open WOD every rep could springboard you up that leaderboard. More to follow on the Sunday night blog about how to get a few extra reps each workout, and get ahead of the curve.

Until then, watch the below video on the movement standards of the upcoming workout. Get used to checking these out before the Open WOD and save yourself from costly no-reps.


Training Friday - Saturday

Warm-up: 3 rds: 10 light wallballs, 10 pushups, 30 jumping jacks or single skips

Skill: Review technique points for wod

WOD: CrossFit Open 14.4

This is a tough test with some big volume up front of ttb. The whole workout is pretty grip intensive and be sure not to empty the tank on the row. Scores can be found by looking them up at ! In larger classes this may be run as heats due to equipment.

Rx: 14 min AMRAP of: 60 calorie row, 50 toes to bar, 40 wallballs (14/20), 30 cleans (95/135), 20 ring muscle ups

TG: sub double crunch, scale weight as needed, 20 ring rows

FG1: sub double crunch for ttb, scale wallball, 65/95, assisted pullups

FG2: ctb pullups sub for ring MU, bar weight 75/115

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