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Pull-up Queen

Hey Vic City,

We've just starting practicing those butterfly pull-ups in class. I was able to oversee many of you giving it a try for the first time. Like any skill, it doesn't come perfectly the first time; it needs practice. Hopefully you've been able to get some feedback from a coach on areas that you can improve your technique on these pull-ups. Before or after classes (probably not ones that already include pull-ups) take 5-10 minutes and work on that technique.

When I think of butterfly pull-ups, I think of Camille Leblanc-Bazinet. Camille is a 7-time Games' athlete, and 2014 Games' winner. Below is a video on a couple tips from Camille that could help you with developing your butterfly.

This upcoming class WOD features a healthy dose of pull-ups, if the butterfly is feeling good, go for it, just make sure you are still meeting that movement standard of chin over the vertical plane of the pull-up bar.




Training Thursday - Friday

Warm-up: Dowel Game 7 minutes

Skill: OHS 4 x 6, keep weight light to medium, E2M

WOD: Break the Bank

This is a brand new wod. Choose your weight carefully and focus on quality shoulder to overhead reps!

Rx: 100 double unders, 10 power snatch (95/135), then 5 rounds of: 10 shoulder to overhead and 15 pullups, then 10 power snatch and 100 double unders to finish

TG: Scale weight as needed, ring rows, go from hang, 50 singles

FG1: 55/75, 100 singles

FG2: 75/115, 200 singles or 25 du

Comp: 105/155, ctb pullups

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