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Vic City Updates

Hey all, with the Open upcoming, here are a few key updates!

1. Open Registration is LIVE - We have a history of putting forward great registration numbers each year, so get in and join the fun.

You will want to search for "Crossfit Vic City" when establishing your affiliate association. The CrossFit Games website is having a few issues so you can't sign up for our "teams" within the affiliate but that will be possible soon!

2. Through the Open, we will be having the Open wods as our workouts for Friday and Saturday. Friday night we will have an extended period to do the workouts (up til about 8pm - our famous Friday Night Lights). This is a great time to come in as the energy is electric.

We will also be performing the workouts from 1130am to approximately 130pm on Saturdays and 9am to 12noon on Sundays. Some times on Monday may be possible so stay tuned.

3. We will not be having a selection trial for our top team, but instead the team will be picked by me after I have all the relevant info. Our "top" team will be designated as "Vic City Black" and the remainder of the gym will be registered under "Vic City Green".

4. NOW is the time to start up creatine and/or beta alanine if those have been on your radar. For both of these, you need a period of 4-6 weeks to accumulate in your system. Ask your coach more about these supplements if you are interested.

5. Friday-Saturday will be another Redwod, and it will be a cracker!

That's about it. It's an exciting time at the gym and it's going to get even more so as we move into February!



Training Wednesday - Thursday

Warm-up: 3 rounds - 5 inchworms, 10 overhead squats or lunges

WOD: "Practice"

This is a great opportunity to brush up on some skills. Choose weights and scaling levels that you can execute smoothly! No score for this workout.

Part 1:

10 min – alternating OTM – 7 dl, 5-10 hspu (scaled as needed)

Rest, reorganize

Part 2:

10 min – alternating OTM – 10 ohs, 30 du

Rest, reorganize

Part 3:

10 min – E2M – Row 15-20 cal

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