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The Importance of Training Partners

Did you know that training with a partner can increase your performance in the gym drastically over training alone? While I don't claim to know the exact scientific reasoning, I DO have some pretty good logical reasons for why you should find a training buddy.

1) You will push yourself harder in your workout!

If you find a training partner who is relatively close to you in fitness levels, you will be able to push each other to go harder in workouts. You may have some workouts that are better for you and they might have some that are better for them, so you will be able to continuously help each other improve. Whether you are competitive together or are just encouraging and motivating each other, you will reap the benefits of suffering as a pair.

2) Accountability

It's a lot easier to miss a workout when no one is checking up on you. It becomes really hard to skip a WOD when your training partner messages you the night before asking you which class you are going to attend. Some days you will just not feel like working out. However, knowing that someone is expecting you to show up and that their workout won't be as good without you will often help you get out of bed when that alarm starts going off.

3) Safety

It's tough for your CrossFit coach to have a trained eye on you throughout the entire class. Having a training pal nearby is a great person to bounce ideas off of. "Hey can you check if my squat is deep enough?" or "Can you make sure my back stays set during this deadlift?" They can even give you a spot for movements that require it.

4) You'll make new friends

Whether you have one training partner or an entire class that you try to workout with, there's a great chance that they will become your good friends. Like minded people tend to gravitate towards each other and that's seen time and time again in our CrossFit gym. Our 6am and 7am classes are great examples of groups that consistently train as a group, check up on each other and socialize outsides of the gym.

If you haven't found a training partner yet, keep your eyes open while you're in class and try to be consistent. Even just showing up to the same class each day of the week will start to set a habit and you'll see others doing the same that will compliment your training.


Coach Caleb



10 OH dowel squats

8 HR push-ups

6 Samson lunges WOD: Vesuvius

This workout is all about managing fatigue and making good transitions between movements. Your goal should be to complete most, if not all, of the wallball sets unbroken. From there, a walk over to your bar and focus on accuracy and fluidity under fatigue for the three squat snatches. In TG and FG, power snatch + ohs is okay, not so for RX. Go smooth on the burpees to recover for the next round!

Score is total reps


18 minute AMRAP:

15 wallballs (14/20)

3 Squat snatch (95/135)

6 bar-hop burpees

TG: Scale wallballs as needed, hang power snatch, regular burpees. Adjust time as needed

FG1: Bar weight 65/95, wallballs 10/14

FG2: Bar weight 75/115

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