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New Master's Division: Ages 35-39

Chris Spealler at the 2010 CF Games - This year he will compete in the master's division

This is the first year we are seeing the master's division of ages 35-39. We are proud to have athletes who will be competing this year in that division and wish them the best of luck in getting through the Open and into the second qualifying round of WODs.

There are some absolute beasts in this division and it will be very interesting this year to watch the leaderboard to see who rises to the top and qualifies for spots at this year's Games.

Here is an update show which outlines the details of this new division and also gets into the top athletes to watch this year.


8 KB deadlifts

6 eagle dislocates

4 slow burpees

Skill WOD: 4 sets of 10-25 wallballs, E2M

Make sure you are ONLY counting the reps that include a full depth squat and an accurate throw to the target. Choose an appropriate number, focusing on quality over quantity.

WOD: Rowing Helen

An indoor take on a classic workout! Usually Helen involves 400m of running each round, in this case we are subbing in 500m rows. This will be a grip intensive workout, so don't deathgrip the row handle!!

Rx: 3 rounds for time: Row 500m, 21 kbs (35/53), 12 pullups

TG: Row 250, scale kb, ring rows

FG: Scale KB, assisted pullups

Comp: ctb pullups

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