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Clean Sweep

Hey Vic City,

During the Open last year, Phil, Zeke, and myself made friendly bets every week before each workout announcement. The loser had to endure some predetermined punishment that was filmed and posted on social media following the conclusion of the workouts. It was all fun and games, but this year we are joining forces, and trying to post the best scores as Vic City Black. That doesn't mean that all individuals are teaming up for the 2017 season. A head to head battle that was around before our trio was formed, was that of Rory McKernan and Adrian Bozman, or Ro vs. Boz for short. After Boz, who is actually from Vancouver Island, swept the 5 week series last year, he is ready to do some more "spring cleaning."

That leads us perfectly into what us, at Vic City can be apart of this Saturday. We will be hosting a "Pre-Open Party." We will have our regular Hero WOD starting at noon, but then we will follow up with some food and a group effort to clean the bars. Cleaning the bars will have them performing optimally for all your Open WOD performances. If you can't make the Hero WOD feel free to join the bar cleaning which should start around 1:30.

Finally, if you missed the earlier post, for Family Day, Monday, we will be running 8am, 9:30am, and 5pm classes.




Training Monday - Tuesday

Warm-up: Partner Rowling

Partner 1 rows to 200m then partner 2 rows to 400m. Their combined metres off is their "reward"

WOD: Rownin

This is a team wod, in which the goal is to move QUICKLY through the intervals. Your work time should be less than 2 minutes per round. There will be a time cap of 40 min for this workout! Minimize your transition time and execute crisp fast reps.

Rx: In a group of 3, one person works through the entire interval while the other two rest. 5 rounds through each person of:

200m row

10 hang power snatch (65/95)

10 overhead squats

10 pullups

TG: sub front squat for oh, ring rows

FG: Scale bar weight as needed, assisted pullups

Comp: 75/115, ctb

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