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2017 Open Attempts!

Compete alongside Coach Caileigh and Coach Caleb in the Open!

Hey all,

Just a quick update on when you can get your CrossFit Open Wods done and dusted! We're over 50 people registered for Vic City so far, so that's a great start. Remember that the Open starts next week and runs for 5 weeks. It's a great way to measure your fitness and is a very unique competitive experience.

Here are the days and times you can get your wod completed:

Friday and Saturday in any regular class

Friday Night Lights - 5pm - 7/8pm - this is a very exciting competitive atmosphere and will feature a lot of our very top competitors throwing down

Saturday 11:30-1:30pm

Sunday 9:30-11:30am

Monday TBD

So no matter what your schedule is, you should be able to get in a workout!

Any questions? Direct them to your coach, and they'll be excited to answer and help you out.



Training Wednesday - Thursday

Warm-up: 3 rounds - 6 pushups, 8 double crunch, 10 walking lunges

WOD: Open 14.3

This Open workout will test several different elements that are key to a good Open score - higher level pulling (ring muscle up or substitute), wallballs, and double unders.

If you're just getting your muscle ups, it's a good opportunity to test them inside a workout. If you're not yet doing muscle ups then your goal should be to refine your wallballs and double unders.

You can look up your score in relation to all of the other people who did the workout in 2014 if you head over to

Rx: 14 min amrap of: 7 ring muscle ups, 50 wallballs, 100 double unders

TG: 21 pushups per round, scale wallball, single unders

FG1: 14 assisted ring dips, scale wallball, 25 du + 75 singles

FG2: 14 regular ring dips

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