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Climbing the Mountain

We are all on a journey together. In front of us lies a mountain that extends higher than the eye can see. We all have the same goal, to reach the top of the peak that is not yet visible to us. There are many paths that seem to lead up the many side of this towering piece of earth. As you begin planning your ascent you watch as others also tackle this behemoth of rock and ice for the first time. Some start to scramble up the steepest and shortest route possible with the goal of reaching the top in the fastest time possible. The challenge often overwhelms the individuals who are taking the risky routes as they are travelling alone up dangerous cliffsides. As you continue watching, you see others begin a slow steady walk up a wide trail that seems to meander its way around and up the mountain slowly. There are more people on this route and they begin helping carry each others' burdens and encouraging one another when they grow weary.

The longer you observe these undergoing journeys, a pattern begins to unfold. Those who take the more steep and treacherous route are more likely to end up stuck on a plateau of the mountain. They then tend to give up or become injured along the way, despite the total time and distance to their goal being less in theory. The group of travellers working together on the longer but more consistent trail eventually reach the peak safely. Along the way they have developed friendships and are able to celebrate their success together.

Treat your fitness journey the same as this mythical mountain. The shortcuts to your fitness goals often end in dead ends that leave you unmotivated to continue pushing upwards. Having a plan of a slow and steady trajectory towards the horizon will benefit you more in the end. Working with a group of peers on your plan will keep you motivated to keep coming back and working out. You will have more to celebrate along the way; every small PR is a victory as opposed to being stuck at a plateau forever. Being O.K. with slowly working towards using Rx weights or doing movements unassisted is a great place to start your journey. There is no rush, and by taking your time you will keep yourself safe along the way. Checking your ego at the door is the one the best things you can do for your fitness journey and longevity.

Enjoy the hike!

Coach Caleb



8 KB swings

6 dowel passthroughs

4 broad jumps SKILL WOD: Power Clean + Jerk EMOM

All reps snappy, don't afraid to push the weight in the last round.

1. 5 minute EMOM of 3 Power Clean and Jerks

rest 2 minutes (increase weight)

2. 5 minute EMOM of 2 Power Clean and Jerks

rest 2 minutes (increase weight)

3. 5 minute EMOM of 1 Power Clean and Jerk


In groups of 3 (can start people at different stations and rotate through):

Row 1 minute, Airbike 1 minute, Rest 1 minute x 5

Each "working" minute: 40 sec moderate (5-6/10), 20 sec fast. Keep the moderate under control, fast should not be maximal but 9/10 effort.

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