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Vic City Green Team

Hey Vic City,

If you are doing the Open and on the Vic City "Green Team" the information in the later part of this blog will probably be useful for you, as we head into 17.1.

First off, however, I would like to thank everyone that came out to the gym on Saturday to help with the bar cleaning. We had so many hands willing to help out, we ended up cleaning just about everything in sight. All the rowers got taken apart and cleaned thoroughly, including a good chain greasing. The kettlebell, and wallball areas also got a much needed tidy. Again, thank you, this is a nice touch leading into a busy time at the gym.

On Saturday I was also ready to explain some more statistics leading into the Open but we ran out of time after all the cleaning. Since Thursday is the first day the Open workout is announced, this is probably the last time I will be able to get out some last minute details that I was asked many times about.

At the start of January, I wrote a blog titled "Every Rep Counts." If you missed it click this link and give it a quick read. There is much more detail in the original post, but in short, I talk about how important each rep is in Open WODs. In the middle of the pack in almost all workouts a single rep can account for 10-30 places. All that is great if you are looking to improve on previous year's scores or head to head against a buddy, but from a team standpoint things are a bit different. I'll explain.

The way a team qualifies for Regionals has to do with the combination of the top 3 women and 3 men scores on each given workout. Essentially, it is a sum of six scores to get one score, found on the Games leaderboard in this case as CrossFit Vic City Green. Each new WOD, a different 6 people can combine to create the team's score for that week. Therefore if you have a specialty, you will have a chance to help out your team. The more people you have on the roster, the better chance we can get a team to Regionals, so get your classmates to sign-up!

I've heard some talk that "there is no chance we can get a second team to Regionals." False! Here are some stats to show how we can do it. Over the past couple of months we've been able to take on past Open WODs, and with those we have a wealth of stats to compare to. Let me paint the picture to you with the most recent repeat we did, 15.3, an AMRAP of ring muscle ups, wallballs and double unders. Our 3 top women's scores (that I found on the leaderboard at the gym - the scores that would count if this was an Open WOD this year) were 353, 319, and 314 reps. A three person combination of 986 reps. That total is higher than the third placing team combination of women back in 2015, the third place team's females totalled 969 total reps. This is both good and bad news, because like I said earlier, it is SIX person combination not one, two, three, four, or even five, to achieve a top score we need six strong scores. I can't say for certain what the actual score could have been because as I skimmed over the leaderboard I noticed some top males that didn't have their score recorded.

That leads me into my next point make sure you submit your score on the Games leaderboard before the Monday deadline. If you have a score that helps the team but don't submit it, it can't actually help out.

A reason why you might redo a WOD, could be one of a few things, but if your goal is to help the team out as best you can, the top reason could be leaving "easy" reps out on the floor. Let's revisit 15.3 once again, 7 muscle ups are hard, 7 double unders not as hard, but in reality they count for the same amount. If you had a top score and ended somewhere in that 40-50 wallball range or early in those double unders, if you redid and happened to save 20-40 seconds earlier in the workout (maybe you broke up the muscle-ups less or doubles were dialled in early on) those 20-40 seconds, which is a realistic amount in that duration of a workout, you could translate that into around 50 more double unders or as it looks on the leaderboard, 50 more reps. As I said before, and you'll hear me say it again, EVERY REP COUNTS. In a workout like this, one person can really boost the overall score.

Although I said muscle ups are hard reps, in a workout like 14.4 - the row, ttb, wallball, clean, muscle-up chipper - in the team setting, it doesn't matter who gets them, as long as they happen. On that workout, by the time we exhausted ourselves to get the muscle-ups, sometimes those muscle-ups didn't happen. This situation is not ideal, but the beauty of the team, is that someone with good muscle-ups can shoulder the load. Again, it's the combination of the three women's and three men's scores. In the scenario we had in our class, a couple months ago when we did 14.4, no women that will be representing Vic City Green were able to complete any muscle-ups in that WOD, but we had a bunch on men that were able to chalk up a few. For this workout hopefully the men are able to get a few extra reps to help boost their female teammates, as the women are the ones that carried the team in our previous 15.3 WOD scenario. A repeat for this workout could be appropriate if you are in the top 3 but didn't finish the cleans (easy reps compared to muscle-ups) or if you got a few muscle-ups but think you can get a few more, after a small tweak to the game plan.

To sum things up:

1. In a team setting overall placement isn't as important cumulative reps.

2. Get "easy" reps when you can, redo if necessary on workouts, especially ones with double unders, muscle-ups, and time window WODs (16.2).

3. If you get a workout in your "wheel-house" crush it and help out the team. In my opinion, there is a couple dozen athlete's that could contribute a score, just depends what movements come up each week.

4. Support each other, and stay relaxed, 5 weeks can be a long time if you stress too much.

Good luck and thanks for reading. See you on the leaderboard. Let me know if you have any questions about the Open


Vic City Green Team Athlete Tanner Carter has been dusting 15.3 and muscle ups for years!


Training Monday - Tuesday

Warm-Up: 5 minute Cindy

Skill: 3 Hang Power Snatch + 3 OHS x 8 E90s

Start light and build as you go as long as technique stays solid!

WOD: Open Prep 1

This is a rotating EMOM style workout where the emphasis is on maintaining quality movement as you cycle through the stations. You will work for 30 sec then rest for 30sec at each station. Note the rest station. No score for today

Rx: 5 cycles through the following exercises:

Row (cal)

HSPU (kip)

Box Jumps


Bonus Skill: 3-5 x 10-15 pullups, rest as needed

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