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Open 2017: Maximizing Recovery

Hey all,

The OPEN is a one of a kind event. It's part fun run, part playoffs, and part worldwide competition. Each week, regardless of how the prior week went, you have a chance to redeem yourself and unlock new levels of performance.

Five weeks of tough workouts can be hard on your body though so keeping on top of your recovery can go a long way to ensuring you put in your best performance. I've listed a few strategies below for you to implement to make sure that you are recovering well from each workout and setting yourself up for success.


1. 15 minute "quick fix". Michelle (RMT) and Mike G (Chiro) will be offering 15 minute tune ups prior to workouts to get you moving optimally. There will be a nominal fee for their work and it will get you set up properly for hitting the right positions and being as efficient as possible. Stay tuned for more details!

2. Warm up VERY WELL. You need your body running on all cylinders prior to the workout not only for ideal performance, but also to make sure that your joints and tissues are ready to take the intensity of that day's event. This goes doubly so for those of you who are inherently quite stiff. You should be sweating and have felt a bit of lactic acid in all your key muscle groups prior to the start of the workout. Stop your warmup about 3-5 min prior to your heat start time.


1. Post workout cooldown. Jump on an assault bike or erg immediately after your workout to clear metabolic wastes from your muscle tissue and keep oxygen flowing through your body. 5-10 minutes should suffice and will go a long way to decreasing soreness and stiffness the next day.

2. Post workout nutrition. Right after an event, your body is primed to receive vital protein and carbohydrate to start the rebuilding process. Get some of both as soon after your workout as you can, aiming for within 30 minutes of the end of the wod. Liquid nutrition will be digested more quickly.

3. Post workout flush. Michelle and Mike will also be around to help you restore your muscles post workout. This is a great option if you'd rather just relax and not have to roll yourself out!


1. Pool visit. If you have access to a pool, the day after an OPEN wod (or evening of the wod if you are going for repeats) is the perfect time to visit it. The compression that the water provides removes inflammation / swelling from the fatigued muscles and joints, decompresses your joints and spine, and just generally allows for relaxing easy movements. Just getting into the pool and lolling around is the best option, don't overdo the hot tub unless you're balancing it with equal cold shower exposure!

2. Fish oil, water, and fruits/veggies. The key here is to flush your system and decrease inflammation. Each component listed will have a different but beneficial effect on your body in terms of working it back to it's fully refreshed state. Get a solid smoothie in for breakfast with some baby spinach, fish oil and some fruit with high antioxidant content. Eat as much variety in vegetables during the day as possible.


Keep your mobility and recovery as the priorities. We'll be adjusting the training during the week to taper towards the OPEN wods but scale as needed to keep yourself feeling good.

You may also want to BOOK IN with one of our practitioners next door in Strength & Health. Soon we will have a full slate of physio, massage therapy, athletic therapy, and chiropractic care!

That's about it gang, first wod out this Thursday :)



Training Wednesday - Thursday

Warm-up: 3 rounds - 8 lunges, 30 single skips/jj, 10 wallballs

Skill WOD: Alt OTM x 5 each: 12 kbs (light-moderate), 6-12 wallballs

WOD: Relay Fun

This is a team interval workout, in which one person completes the work while the other two rest. Work on smooth speed.

Rx: AMRAP 21 min: 0.2 Assault bike, 8 ttb, 20 du's

TG: 8 dbl crunch, 40 single skips

FG: hanging knee raise, 10 du

Comp: option to sub in 1-5 ring or bar MU per round

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