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Open 2017 - "Seconds Count"

Hey gang, with week 1 of the Open (somewhat) behind us, we can once again take a look at how vital seconds are in determining placings.

17.1 was a gutty workout where the name of the game for most was just to keep moving. Many of you shattered your expectations of what you could do and there is nothing more rewarding than seeing that happen.

In a workout of that length (for most people in the 18-20 minute range), there are literally hundreds of opportunities for gaining or dropping time. With 225 reps to achieve, a slightly slower pace on the snatches or burpees really was magnified.

If you look back on the workout, you will no doubt realize that you put out virtually 100% effort, but most will also note that they likely could have gone just a "bit" faster. Well, how important is that "bit" in terms of placings? Let's take a look at both a team example and an individual example.

Each week, our affiliate teams' scores are made up of the best 3 women's and best 3 men's scores - so 6 people are contributing to the performance of the team. In Vic City Green's case, the current placing is 36th. If every contributing score on that team was faster by 10 seconds, the team placing would be 31st.

That's a difference of only 0.04 seconds per rep, or one less breathing break between burpees.

For an individual female competitor, going just 20 seconds faster (from 18:21 to 18:01) garnered you 50 more placings in Canada West.

This is fine in hindsight of course but in the coming weeks, think of these differences and look to minimize time wherever possible. Common areas are transitions between movements and setting a tempo just very very slightly faster than you feel like on movements that are less complex.

Likely going forwards we will see some AMRAPs and in that case, it is the reps that separate our scores, but the idea is just as valid.

Congratulations on a great first week, and let's shave time and add reps in 17.2!!



Training Wednesday - Thursday

Warm-up: Rowling 150's x 3

Skill: Hang Power Clean + STO

5 + 5, 4 + 4, 3+3, 2+2, 1+1, going E90s

Build each round, all power cleans prior to STO reps

WOD: Frogz

This is a team wod, in which one person completes the work while the other two rest. Try to group with teammates using the same scaling. If your're banged up from 17.1 then scale down a bit on the bar weight

Rx: 5 rounds each person - 5 thrusters (bar from floor - 75/115), 10 wallballs (14/20), 10 ttb

TG: scale bar, wallballs as needed, double crunch

FG: bar weight 55-65/75-95, hanging knee raise

Comp: bar weight 95/135

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