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The Tie Break

Hey Vic City,

17.2 came down almost entirely on our ability to do bar muscle-ups. Not only bar muscle-ups but under a good amount of grip fatigue while breathing heavy. Were you unable to get a bar muscle-up? Well, you are not alone! About 50% of the men's division recorded 0 muscle ups while, almost 85% of the women's division couldn't register one during their crack at 17.2.

Just because 85% of women didn't get one, doesn't mean that those scores placed them in the bottom of the pack. This is where the tiebreaker time comes into play. After a successful set of 8 dumbbell power cleans (the end of the each round), the time that had elapsed to that point would be your tiebreak time. When ranking against everyone with the same scores, the fastest tiebreaker times will have the better overall placing.

By Sunday afternoon, around 25% of scores have been submitted and validated, and are viewable on the Games leaderboard. Even with only a quarter of the scores up, there is a plethora of scores indicating 78 reps, with tiebreaker times greatly varying. Some tiebreaker times are as fast as 3:19 (the end of the second round of power cleans) and others up to ten, eleven, or even twelve minutes. A tiebreaker time of 3:19 will put you in the top 15% of women. In the Canada West region that should translate to around top 500 overall. On the other hand, a slower tie break time, 10:52 for example, would land you in around 1200 in the Canada West region when scores are finalized midweek.

Obviously, it's not smooth sailing up to the muscle ups but if you have good toe to bar, there is limited skill with the lunges and power cleans. You could have chosen to go all out to get the fastest tie break tie you can or more conservative approach to try to get just 1 muscle up, as a score of 79 would launch you above even the fastest of tie break times at 78 reps.

Log jams like this happen each year in the Open, and will continue as long as limiting skills like the muscle up are in the competition. The best way to get unjammed is to get those higher level skills. In the meantime, if those aren't happening in another WOD like this, just go as hard as possible and acquire a blistering fast tiebreaker time.



Coach Phil doing some bar muscle ups

Training Monday - Tuesday

Warm up: 7 minutes of: 5 pullups, 10 pushups, 10 double crunch, 15 squats

Skill WOD (no score):

Rotating EMOM x 4 rounds through

- Same bar weight for all, keep reps smooth - i.e. do not go too heavy!

Minute 1: 3 hang power snatch

Minute 2: 7 front squats

Minute 3: 11 deadlifts

Minute 4: 30 seconds of double unders

Conditioning WOD (no score):

Alternating OTM for 5 rounds

Minute 1: 10-16 wallballs

Minute 2: 6-14 ctb pullups

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