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Open Update and Pop Up Shop

Hey all, we are past the "hump week" of the 2017 Open, and you all have put in so many amazing performances. All of the coaches are so proud of your achievements, from people's first Open WOD to hitting PR's in snatches this past week. I'm sure there will be many more memorable moments before the 2017 Open is finished.

As of this week, Vic City Black leads the whole region, which is pretty amazing given the strength of the competition. It will be very tough to maintain that spot, but our athletes on that team seem to be just hitting their stride.

Vic City Green sits in 38th place (out of over 100 teams!), testament to the depth and quality of the athletes that we have at our gym. It's pretty amazing to see VC Green beating the majority of affiliates in the Region, and great to see who is contributing to the team scores each week.

For our Master's competitors, we have several competitors in the top 20. On the women's side, Tracey Woiwod is in 9th, and Gail Cort is in 2nd in our Region. For the men, Mark Woiwod is in 14th and Scott Harlow in 16th in Canada West. This is not to mention several other Master's athletes who are crushing it across the board.

Keep it up gang, with every rep, pound, and second saved, you are doing our gym and community so proud.



Also, this coming Friday March 17, Virus Canada, a popular athletic apparel company, will be setting up shop for Friday Night Lights. They will be offering discounts in the range of 15-50% on all of their merchandise. Some of the most popular items with our competitors are the compression tights and training tops, but there will be full range of apparel on sale. Come on by during Friday Night Lights to check out the gear!



Warm-up: Dowel Game - 7 min

Skill: Dumbbell Thrusters - 5 x 6-10 reps, E2M

Work your way up in weight, practice different ways of racking the weights for maximum efficiency

Bonus: Complete 10-30 double unders after each thruster set for some extra skill work

WOD: Cycle Time

This is a team workout, in which one person works at a time while the other two rest however there will be many fast switches. Complete each station before moving on, coaches may stagger the start to keep the same order. Your team's total time to complete the sequence is your score!

Rx: Complete the following in order -

1. Assault bike 2.1 distance, switching every 0.3

2. 120 box jumps, switching every 10

3. 60 burpees, switching every 5

TG: Scale volume: 1.5 distance, 90 box step ups, 45 burpees switching on 5

FG: Scale box height as needed

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