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Training for the 2018 Open

Once the Open wraps up, it is always valuable to analytically review our performances. You will remember the workouts you did well on and the ones that had stumbling blocks along the way. We can use both to our advantage when it comes to planning out our next year of training. In the WODs that you felt good about and placed the highest on the leaderboard, there may not be a necessity to focus on the movements that made up that workout. That's not to say we should ignore them entirely; rather that you would do them as you normally would when they show up in class workouts. They are your strengths and require maintenance only for the time being.

The workouts that we placed the lowest or had the most difficulty with provide us with the most valuable information. These workouts usually possess at least one or two weaknesses that need our attention. Were you challenged by hitting a full depth squat snatch, did double unders trip you up regularly, did toes-to-bar evade you this year? It could have been any of the movements we observed this year. What we need to do is begin working those weaknesses into strengths. This is the tough part because it will require extra effort and internal motivation. Quite often if you have a weakness you want to fix, it won't be enough to just do class WODs all year. You'll have to put in the extra time to see the result you are looking for. Also, don't be afraid to try a movement you haven't tried in a class WOD! I saw so many people get their first toes-to-bar or chest-to-bar pull-ups this Open even though they thought they couldn't. They had never tried before.

So, don't wait until February 2018 to ask your coach how to work towards a bar muscle up or double unders because by that point it is most likely too late. Start asking NOW and reap the rewards when the next Open comes around.


Coach Caleb


WARM-UP: Partner up for 3 rounds

10 push-ups / partner holds front plank

10 knee raises or TTB / partner hangs from bar

12 medball passes with a squat SKILL:

Rotating EMOM x 6 times through

Minute 1: Hang Power Snatch x 7

Minute 2: OHS x 5

Minute 3: 30 sec double unders WOD: "KAREN" For time: 150 wallballs (14lb to 9' / 20lb to 10')

TG: 50-75 reps, scale ball weight as needed

FG1: 75 reps @ 10/14lb ball

FG2: Full reps @ 10/14lb ball

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