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Rebuild, Regenerate, Renew

Create positive change this year in your positions by focusing on mobility and therapy NOW!

Hello all,

The CrossFit Open is the culmination of the competitive "season" for the majority of our members. The whole year is spent in preparation for that tough five weeks, and although there are smaller competitions and challenges along the way, the Open is the final physical and psychological challenge of the "year".

That challenge generates stress on the body and mind, and for an ideal next "season", each athlete should switch to rebuilding both of those to build the best foundation for the coming year. This is a hard thing to do as many people want to get right back into full training right away. The reality is though that you cannot train at full effort and intensity all year long... there needs to be a build from a period of stability and recovery.

Key points of recovery and rebuilding are to improve your mobility with a specific goal of improving your movement quality and ability to get into ideal positions.

Your performance is the combination of your physiological effort and the efficiency of your movements. Most, if not all of us, could benefit from much more efficiency in our movements, and that comes from having better positions and better motion.

It is hard to make these improvements on our own, which is why we need expert guidance and care from health and fitness professionals. Fortunately, we have built an incredible team of practitioners next door in our sister space, Strength & Health.

All of our skilled practictioners have experience working with athletic populations, and they also all have participated or are participating in CrossFit (so they feel your pain!).

Here is a list of the good people we have working next door, all of whom are available to book online through the Strength & Health booking portal.

Sarah Black - Athletic Therapy (offering individual appointments as well as functional mobility classes)

Michelle Birtwell - Registered Massage Therapy

Greg Kirk - Physiotherapy

Mike Gotuaco - Chiropractic

I can personally vouch for the quality of these people as individuals and their skills in helping injuries recover and movements improve. I highly recommend you get in touch with one or more of them if you are looking to maximize your performance for the coming year!



Training Wednesday - Thursday

Warm-up: Dowel Game 5-7min

Skill: Log, Football Bar, or DB/KB Strict Press - 5 x 4-8 reps, E2M

This is an opportunity to work with some different implements in the pressing motion. Bars will be taken from the floor and look to build weight through your sets. Work on solid core positioning (limit lean back) and precise full overhead lockout.

WOD: Verocity

We have done this wod once before, and it is brief but quite intense. It requires a definite warm-up so make sure to go for at least a 400m run prior to starting.

Rx: 800m run, 50 Taters (35/53)

TG: 400, 25 (scale wt as needed)

FG: 800, 50 (scale wt)

Comp: 44/70

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