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Start Out Steady

Hey Vic City,

The class WOD for Monday and Tuesday is new one for Vic City, but reminds me a little of a classic CrossFit WOD, Amanda. Both "Chucky" the Vic City workout, and Amanda involve some snatches and a gymnastic pull, either some pull-up variation or a muscle up. Regardless of the workout, a combination of any type of pull-up and snatch can really tax the grip.

There has been some speculation that a "heavy" version of Amanda might make an appearance at Regionals this year, and former CrossFit Games champ, Ben Smith, took one on. Regular Amanda is 9-7-5 of ring muscle ups, and squat snatches (95/135). Ben Smith's version was with 185 pounds. When you watch the video below, I would like you to check out a few things that I noticed, that led to a very successful WOD.

1. From the first set of muscle ups he seems relaxed.

2. He moves with a purpose from the rings to the barbell. Not always do we get to setup all of our equipment next to one another in a WOD, so it's important to not take too long getting from one area to the next.

3. The first (and second) round he does singles on the snatches. Knowing that grip might come into play later on, he breaks up the snatches so he can maintain large/unbroken sets on the muscle ups.

4. The end of the workout he does some touch and go reps. Obviously touch and go are faster than singles, but also more fatiguing on grip and can jack up the heart rate. At this point he doesn't need to save his grip or worry about being gassed, so he empties the tank at the end, to finish out the reps as quickly as possible.

We can all use these points for this class workout and many other ones in the future. Start out steady, while managing fatigue, then stomping on the gas when we have nothing less to save it for. The top athletes never really look like they are working that hard, but in reality they just understand their abilities and how to manage their fatigue in different situations.

The video ends with a clip from the Fittest on Earth movie, which the Vic City Regional athletes are hosting a fundraising screening for. I'm sure everyone has heard about it, but just so you don't forgot, the movie is this coming Sunday, May 7th at 4 pm. If you haven't already, join the Facebook event, and ask your coach about buying a ticket, which are available at the gym. All the funds go towards the Regional athletes.

Enjoy the workout and see you at the movie!



Training Monday - Tuesday

Warm-up: Partner shuttle relay (1 partner rests while other runs - out forwards, back backwards) - 1,2,3,4,5 shuttles

Skill: Back Squat - Tempo 3-2-X: 5 x 3 E90s

Build as you go but keep weight moderate and form very solid!

WOD: Chucky

This is a brand new wod, featuring a balance of harder skills with easier ones. Challenge yourself a bit with the snatch weight and stay consistent on the other movements.

Rx: 16 minute AMRAP of: 5 Power Snatch (75/115), 10 pullups, 15 wallballs

TG: Hang Power snatch, scaled as needed, ring rows

FG: 55-65/65-95, assisted pullups, scale wallballs

CP: 95/135, ctb pullups

CP2: 20 min, squat snatch

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