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Square up with a Protein Sale!

Hey all!

We've recently paired up with SQUARE, a point of sale app that makes your purchases in gym smooth and efficient. Now you have the option of paying with your credit card instantly in the gym instead of remembering once you get home.

Our online store will function as normal, so no worries there - you can still pre-pay and pick up your product in the gym!

To celebrate getting set up with SQUARE, we're offering a sale on JaktRx protein for the month of May only. By using the SQUARE app in the gym, you will save $7 off every tub of JaktRx protein you buy in May.

We're keeping it to two tubs per person so there's enough to go around... but get in and grab yours today!



Training Wednesday - Thursday

Warm-up: Practice the movements then take this on...

EMOM x 10 with a partner - 1 deadlift, 1 power clean, 1 sto, alternating each rep. Use same weight, switch quickly!

WOD: Partner Nurwor

A Vic City classic! Get your aerobic on with this partner workout. One person rows, one person runs, then you switch... 5 rounds in total. Pace it out but work hard!

Rx: 5 rounds each person of: 500m row, 400m run

TG: 3 rounds

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