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Frantasy Land

Hey Vic City,

The next class workout is a former CrossFit Games workout, that was seen in the 2014 Team Competition. If you read the title of this blog you probably already figured out what the workout is, if not the workout is called "Frantasy Land." Essentially, it is a team version of Fran. The Games' version was each of the three male teammates completed different versions of Fran, alternating with the three female teammates completing those same three versions. The variants of Fran got heavier and more technical as the event progressed, but the reps decreased accordingly.

In the Monday and Tuesday class, in your team of 3 you can do whatever version of Fran you want, and you can all do the same one, too, if you wish to do so. The goal with Fran is to get a super high dose of intensity in a short period of time. It's going to hurt if you do it right. Team workouts are always more fun, so make sure you cheer on your teammates while they are slugging it out.

If you want a little motivation beforehand, I've attached a video of Rich Froning and James Hobart, back when they were individual competitors, each completing the entire event of Team Fran by themselves. That is back to back to back Fran with increasing thruster weight, and pull-up difficulty. Oh yeah, and they started with a 3:24 opening Fran which is "slow" for them.

Enjoy the clip and the WOD!



Training Monday - Tuesday

Warm-up: 3 rounds with a partner:

- 16 alternating wallballs (stand side by side, wallball shots on a slight angle to your partner)

- 16 alternating pushups (one partner does a rep while the other stays in plank, then switch)

- 16 alternating american kbs (one partner does a swing while the other holds KB at arms length overhead)

- 200m easy jog

Skill: Pacing prep for the wod

WOD: Team Frantasy Land

In this workout, you will be on a team of three people. Each person must complete "Fran" or a version thereof, in relay format. Person 1 completes ALL their reps, then person 2, then person 3. Each team member can do whatever scaling of Fran that they like (and all can do the same also). Total time is your team score!

Rx: 21-15-9 thrusters (65/95) and pullups

TG: Scale bar weight as needed, Ring rows

FG: Bar weight 45-55/65-75, Jumping Pullups

CP1: 15-12-9 thrusters (75/115) and CTB pullups

CP2: 12-9-6 thrusters (95/135) and Bar MU

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