Vic City Games Incoming!

May 10, 2017



Hey all, it's time to ramp up for another edition of your favorite in-house competition, the Vic City Games!


We've had several versions of the games over the past 4 years, but I believe this is the first time we're going to do Male-Male and Female-Female partners!  This is a great opportunity to grab your workout buddy and work together in a fun and friendly competitive environment.


We'll have a Scaled, Rx, and Elite division (depending on registrations), and the cost will be $50 per team to register.


Scaled teams will take on wods that approximate our FG level of difficulty


Rx teams will take on our usual Rx level challenges


Elites will face CP level scaling


This is all going to go down on Sunday June 18, from approximately 9am to 5pm.


Registration links will be up TOMORROW so get ready to get signed up!





Training Wednesday - Thursday


Warm-up:  3 rounds with an empty bar:  10 DL, 8 hpcl, 6 sto.  4 samson lunge in between each round.


WOD:  Journeyman


This wod is a unique combination of endurance and strength.  Challenge yourself with the deadlift and STO weight!


Rx:  3 rounds for time of - 800m run, 8 Sumo or Reg DL @ 185/245, 8 KB STO / side (35/53)


TG:  400m runs, scale bar weight and kb as needed


FG1: 400m runs, bar weight 95/135


FG2:  800m runs, bar weight 135/205, 26/44


CP:  205/315, 44/70


Cash-out:  20 to 40 ring dips or pushups

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