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Josh Everett & the Kelly WOD

Hey all,

Some of the CrossFit workouts we do have a long and storied history. WODs like Fran, Helen, Jackie, and Grace have been done hundreds of thousands of times by people all over the world. When you complete one of these workouts, you join a much larger community of people who are all striving towards one thing - higher fitness.

It is a pretty neat phenomenon taking on these famous benchmark wods, knowing that there are likely a million scores to compare yourself to. Preparing yourself to work through one of these benchmarks is therefore pretty important if you want to make your mark.

CrossFit has a strong mental preparation side in addition to the obvious physical challenges. Some people are new to this preparation and don't exactly know how to do it, and some, coming from other sports, have practiced over and over.

Take a watch of the video below by one of the classic CrossFit top dogs, Josh Everett. There are tons of little pieces of important information in this video, from scaling to mental prep to warm ups. Learning from top athletes like Josh can help you get YOUR best performance or at least get a lot closer to it.

Keep fit and have fun,



Training Wednesday - Thursday

General Warm-up:

Groups of 3: Row or Assault bike relay, switch on the minute - 5 cals each, 7/11 cals each, 11/16 cals each

Specific Warm-up: 2 rounds of 200m run, 10 wallballs, 10 SD box jumps, 2 Samson Stretches (hold 20sec).

WOD: Kelly

TIME CAP: 35 mins

Rx: 5 rounds for time of - 400m run, 30 box jumps (20/24, step down), 30 wallballs (14/20)

TG: 3 rounds, 20/20

FG1: 4 rounds, scale box height and wallball weight

FG2: 4 rounds

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