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May Long Weekend

Hey gang! Just a couple of housekeeping items for today's blog post.

1) It is the May Long Weekend so we will be running reduced classes on Monday May 22nd. The classes that will still run are: 9:30am


2) We are getting a fresh order of protein in either Friday or early next week, so make sure to take advantage of the May Sale before the month is over! There will be plenty of chocolate, vanilla and peanut butter flavours available. Purchases must be made in office for the discount!

That's it for now! Have a great long weekend!



3 rounds, complete all movements synchronised with a partner

8 hanging knee raises/TTB

10 double crunch

15 air squats

WOD: Corpus E90s

Brother to Rictus (Mad Max Fury Road), and brother to the wod we did a couple of weeks ago! You should increase weight as you go down in reps then try to match your 9-7-5 on the way back up. No score for this wod.

Rx: 9-7-5-3-5-7-9 reps, rotating E90s of:

1. sumo, trap bar, or regular DL

2. strict pullup

3. Double KB or DB shoulder to overhead

TG: scale all movements as needed

Conditioning WOD, if time allows:

In a group of 3, complete AMRAP Calories in 9 minutes, split the time equally!

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