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More Dumbbells

Hey Vic City,

Dumbbells aren't the most common object in a CrossFit gym or benchmark WODs, but if you haven't noticed, the collection at Vic City seems to be increasing, and almost daily. It started when Dave Castro announced the need for them, for the Open this year. From there, all Regional athletes will be tested on them, with an array of movements, so they need to become familiar with them, and in a hurry.

If you think barbell overhead squats are challenging, wait until you try a single arm overhead squat with a dumbbell. It tests not only strength and stability, but mobility in every joint imaginable with little places to create shoulder tension like you can with a barbell. If you watched the Regional competition this past weekend, you may have seen poor mobility cost individual athletes or teams a spot to the CrossFit Games. With our expanding dumbbell selection, CrossFit Vic City is giving athletes the resources needed to best train for competition and for general fitness.

Watch this short clip of Greg Glassman, posted back in January of 2016, explaining how dumbbells can be useful in training.




Training Monday - Tuesday

Warm-up: 6 minutes of Cindy

Team WODs

For this group of wods, you will be on a team of three people. Choose partners who will do the same scaling level! You will get two different scores.

WOD1 - Push Press - Pullup

Each team member will complete 30 push presses followed by 30 pullups. One person does both elements then tags the next person in line.

Rx: Bar weight 75/115

TG: scale as needed, ring rows

FG: 55/75

Comp: 95/135, ctb OR 10 ring MU

WOD2 - Assault combo

Modelled after the individual Regional event 5, this one will test your fitness in a tough but pretty short combo. Again, each person goes solo then tags the next.

Rx: 25/30 Cal Assault Bike, 20 burpee over box jumps, 10 cleans (125/185)

TG: 15/20 cal, regular burpees

FG: 20/25 cal, scale box height, clean scaled as needed

FG2: full cal and box height, bar weight 95/135

Cash-out: 800m jog with your team

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