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Changing Gears

Great work so far this week gang! We've thrown some intense challenges at you and we are pleased with the results. Monday/Tuesday was about speed, accuracy and intensity. Knowing how to tap into that extra gear and punch through with full effort is key on workouts such as that one. It helps when you know you are working with teammates who are also willing to push just as hard.

Wednesday/Thursday was arduous and unrelenting. It was more of a marathon than most of our workouts and we were very happy to see so many people finish under the time cap. Murph Junior is a battle that takes place in your head but also requires a smart approach to your push-up management. If you want a quicker time on that workout, analyze how to improve your push-ups and limit failure.

This next workout is where we change gears quite a bit this week. Similar to last week, this is more of a strength and skill session. The intensity won't be quite as high as we are looking to work on barbell efficiency and strength.

See ya in the gym! Coach Caleb



200m row

1 length LOW and SLOW bear crawl

SKILL: Sumo, regular, or Trap bar DL: 5, 3, 1, 5, 3, 1, 5, 3, 1 E90s - Wave loading

Start off lighter and add weight to each rep number each round


This workout has no score. Warm up well then choose a manageable weight that you can control for all 8 rounds.


8 sets E90s of - 5 hang power cleans + StO. Do reps as power clean + oh.

CASH-OUT: 50, 150, or 300 double unders

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