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Well, we've landed in the heart of art-hipster-doughnut-craftbeer-land... and I expect to see parts of all those items at the West Regional this weekend!

The whole Vic City Black team made it down and got some practice on the "worm" - the 6 person weighted sandbag tube that features in three events this year for the team. They've honed their rep cadences and synchronized calls and were pleased that their prep back home has prepared them well.

Caileigh and Caleb also arrived safely - and early - from Victoria and got a barbell in their hands as well as a bit of time on their one person sandbags and self-driven treadmills. They'll be mixing in with the other individual cyborgs in the afternoon tomorrow.

You can catch all the action at and there will be something to watch pretty much all day Friday Saturday and Sunday.

Tomorrow's heats are the only ones we know for our crew as the teams and individuals will be reshuffled after Day 1.

Vic City Black kicks off at 9:20 or 9:30 am and then will go again at 11:20am.

Caleb will do his first wod at 1pm and his second workout at 310 or 320

Caileigh's first event is at 2pm and she will take on event 2 at 4:20.

It should be a very exciting weekend and there really is nothing like seeing these incredible athletes showcase their super fitness, skill, and teamwork. Tune in and support any way you can! I will do my best to provide some updates also.



Training Friday - Saturday

Warm-up: "Roxanne" song - 1 tater for every time you hear "Roxanne" ... hold the kb in goblet position between

WOD: Stage Race

This workout is not for a score but will challenge your fitness at each station. Work to keep a consistent number of reps each round through!

Rx: 5 rounds through, 30 seconds work, 30 seconds transition time to the next exercise:

Assault bike Calories

American KBS

SD Box Jumps

Row Calories


Rest 1 full minute

Coaches will start big classes at different stations!

TG: 3 rounds, scale movements as needed

FG: 4 rounds

CP: heavy swings, heavy wallballs (guys 30 to 10', girls 20 to 9')

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