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Zeke leads team Vic City Black over the finish line in Event 4. Picture courtesy of The CrossFit Games.

Well, lots to say but barely the energy to put it down on paper. An incredible weekend that went very slowly each day but feels like a blur trying to look back.

Overall, I would say this was the best Regionals we have had as a gym since merging Canada West and the North West.

Although we are not sending anyone forward to the Games this year, we have given notice that both our team and individual athletes belong at the upper echelon of the Regionals competitors.

A huge thank you to everyone back home who cheered, tuned in, or otherwise supported our whole competitive group through the year. To everyone who chipped in treatments for the athletes, some dollars to our fundraising, or who sponsored our shirts, a heartfelt thank you also.

And to those who made the trek, including expert therapists Tuna and Ange, moms and dads, dogs, small children, and avid Vic City supporters, thank you very much for the on-site support.

Now, for a bit of time "off" :)



Training Monday - Tuesday


Skill: Back Squat Tempo 5 x 3 E2M @ 3-2-1 tempo

Build as you go, try to add weight from 3 weeks ago

WOD: The Club

This is a "heavy" wod - meaning that it is meant to challenge your upper level strength. That being said, aim for a weight that will be towards the heavy end of the spectrum that you will still be able to lift with very good form!

Rx: 8-6-4-2 of squat clean (105/165) and 16-12-8-4 of CTB pullups

TG: hang power clean, ring rows

FG1: scale bar as needed, assisted pullups

FG2: 75-95/115-135, regular pullups

CP: 125/185, ring MU (half reps for women)

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