Fittest at Regionals

June 7, 2017

Hey Vic City,


Regionals are over, and one man scored more points than any other man or women in any Region. Some top Games athletes seemed to struggle at times, and even looked unlikely to make it back to the Games. Scott Panchik and Ben Smith are two of the most consistent Games athletes, but only managed 3rd in their respective Regions. However, reigning Games champ, Mat Fraser scored 585 out of a possible 600 points, leading the way in both the men's or women's competition. 


NF Sports has been posting a video series titled, "Making a Champion." It currently has eight episodes, ranging from 5 to 10 minutes. If you are interested in checking out how the odds-on favourite to repeat as Fittest on Earth, goes about his daily life, start from episode one and work your way through. 


Here is the first instalment. Enjoy!




Training Wednesday - Thursday

Warm-up:  with a partner, 1 person doing shuttles, the other doing amrap of 5 air squats, 5 pushups for the duration of their partners shuttle runs.


1, 2, 3, 4 shuttle runs each



Skill:  Warm up push jerk, efficiency tips for wod



WOD:  Reallay 


Brand new partner wod here, get your kicks on and get out for a run!


Rx:  Run 400 three times each in relay fashion (partner 1 runs then partner 2 runs while 1 rests), then complete 25 STO each @ 105/155, switching every 5 reps (bar on ground) then complete 25 barhop burpees each, switching every 5 reps


TG:  Run 200 3x, scale bar weight and burpees


FG:  Run 300 3x, scale bar weight, regular burpees


FG2:  Full run, bar weight 75/115


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