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The Overheard Press

The Overheard Press is a relatively new satirical news blog that has surfaced and exploded in popularity amongst the CrossFit community. They poke fun at many subjects relating to CrossFit such as people taking handstand photos, complaints about too much dumbbell work, overpriced tactical sandbags, and Dave Castro's terrible handwriting to name a few. If you've been around CrossFit for long enough, there's a good chance most of these articles will make you chuckle and have an oddly accurate amount of truth to them. One of my personal favourites is an article on pre-workout pee breaks. Check out the blog if you're wanting a quick laugh!


Coach Caleb



10-20s handstand hold

10 single arm kettlebell swings

30 single skips SKILL: Warm up deadlifts, tips for Cindy and row WOD: Three By

This is a station workout and it will give you the opportunity to work on three distinctly different abilities. You will be on a team of three people for organizational purposes however you will not be recording a score for this workout.

Each station will be occupied by one team member, so all three people will be working at once but at different stations. When three minutes are up, you get one minute of rest and rotate to the next station. You will rotate three times through the stations (workout time 36 minutes)

Rx: 3 minutes work, 1 minute rest x 3 rotations at the following stations:

1. 5 Deadlifts (trap bar, axle bar, sumo, regular) OTM - 60-65% of max to work technique under fatigue

2. Row for calories (moderate pace - work technique and stay below redline)

3. Rounds of Cindy (5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 squats) with weight vest (12/20lb) - push the pace

TG: scale Cindy to ring rows, mod pushups.

FG: Assisted pullups, modified pushups

FG2: No weight vest

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