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Clean and Jerk Efficiency

Hey Vic City,

The Wednesday/Thursday class workout gives you the opportunity to work on your Power Clean and Jerk. I find stringing multiple reps together of this seems to really jack up the heart rate, regardless of what the weight is on the bar. When doing higher reps in one set, it helps to be as efficient as possible, to limit the fatigue. I pulled out an old video from 2013 of Rich Froning talking about how he transitions from overhead into the next clean when going touch and go. This will be useful to try during the 5 reps at a light weight during the WOD.

If your wrists are giving you some issues, try some banded front rack stretches to loosen up your lats.




Training Wednesday - Thursday

Warm-up: 3 rounds - 6 inchworms, 8 double crunch, 10 walking lunges

Skill: Bench Press 5 x 5 E2M

Build as you go, spotters be attentive!


This is an emom interval, in which your goal is to maintain quality reps at challenging weights as the reps change. Keep plates handy for quick changes in between the drops in reps. No score, just for quality.

Rx: 3 min EMOM of 5 reps power clean and overhead (45-55%) - light, crisp reps, TnG

2 min full rest

4 min EMOM of 3 reps power clean and overhead (60-70%) - moderate, smooth reps, drops

2 min full rest

5 min EMOM of 1 rep power clean and overhead (75-80%) - tough but technically solid reps

TG: Hang power clean and overhead

Cash out: 1 min calories on Assault bike (score)

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