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Preliminary MURPH Info!

Michael "Murph" Murphy

Hey all, we're super excited to release some preliminary information regarding the MURPH challenge we'll be running this summer.

First off, this event will be a fundraiser for an organization called Soldier On. I've talked a little bit about this organization in the past, but to summarize, Soldier On supports injured Canadian military veterans by improving access to and funding participation in physical activity and sport. We all know the positive benefits of fitness and the social support that comes with sport, both of which are even more important when dealing with injury and other trauma.

Soldier On is an official Canadian Government organization and has a good reputation with military personnel who I have talked to about it. All proceeds from our MURPH challenge will go to Soldier On.

Secondly, this event will be an all day deal with heats of the WOD running from the morning to mid afternoon (or later!). MURPH is a long workout and we want to make sure people get the opportunity to get all the way through it!

We'll be offering the following scaling options:


Rx - 1 mile run, 100 pullups, 200 pushups, 300 squats, 1 mile run with 14/20lb weight vest

Intermediate - As above, without a weight vest

Novice - 800m run, 50 assisted pullups, 100 modified pushups, 150 squats, 800m run


Rx: Each person does half the volume of MURPH, alternating 400m runs and rounds of Cindy (14/20lb vest)

Intermediate: As above, without a weight vest

Registration will be BY DONATION with a suggested amount of $15-25.

This will all take place on Sunday August 13th, so mark the date in your calendars!

This is going to be an epic event gang, stay tuned for a Facebook event page and more details.... and work on those pushups!!



Training Monday - Tuesday

Warm - up: Rowling 3 x 100m

Skill: Back Squat 10 x 2 @ 75% E90s

Take 75% of your best recent single back squat and do 2 reps every 90 seconds at that weight. It should not be overly heavy so focus on accelerating the weight as you stand up. Same weight across all sets.

WOD: Jetty

This is a 3 person team WOD in which you aim to accumulate as many reps and calories as possible. One person works while the others rest but be snappy on the switches as there will be a continuously running clock!

Rx: 30 seconds of wallballs each team member x 8 each person (12 minutes) - can switch with ball in air

...right into...

2 minutes of rowing each team member for calories x 2 each (12 minutes)

Max reps and calories combined is your score!

TG: scale wallball as needed (air squats an option)

FG: wallballs 10/14

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